Foodcom S.A. supplies its partners with different varieties of high-quality milk butter. The product is made in the process of churning fresh or fermented cream or milk in a special machine, to break the membranes of fat globules and in that way separate the butterfat from the buttermilk. Butter is obtained in the form of a dense, smooth body of yellow color and a typical smell.  


Fresh butter, frozen butter, butter cubes, bio butter, salted butter

The name butter is reserved for products without vegetable fat admixtures with a specific milk fat content - at least 82% (not more than 16% water and 2% dry nonfat milk). Butter is one of the most popular fats with ample industrial applications in confectionery and bakery segments. It has a characteristic flavor and serves as an aroma enhancer and taste carrier. In baked goods, butter is used to produce a flaky and crispy texture.


Foodcom S.A. also supplies butter which is frozen at the temperature of -18°C. Such a process allows extending the shelf life of the product to 12 months if stored at the same temperature. 


Bio Butter offered by Foodcom S.A. has a Bio Certificate meaning that the product is traceable back to the dairy farmers. Our Bio butter is obliged to have a minimum of 95% organic ingredients. The certification restricts the use of additives and processing aids and does not allow GMOs for any purpose. Foodcom can also deliver BIO butter with Halal/Kosher certification.


Salted butter is made from cow's milk with the addition of salt. Besides being a taste enhancer, salt also has a preservative effect and extends the shelf life of the product.


Foodcom S.A. supplies fresh butter, frozen butter, bio butter, and salted butter in blocks of 25kg. We also supply butter in cubes of 200g/250g. At the requirement of our Business Partner, we can also deliver butter cubes under Foodcom's brand or private label. 



Lactic butter, whey butter 

Lactic butter (also called cultured butter) is made from pasteurized cow’s milk that has been fermented with lactic acid, in a continuous churning and kneading process. This product has a sweet, slightly acidic flavor, which is a result of adding from 1 to 3% of a milk culture. It is widely used in the production of chocolate, cookies, biscuits, spreads, sauces, ice cream, and puff pastry products. Lactic butter is also a great ingredient for frying, baking, and saucing.


Whey butter is a by-product of cheesemaking when the cream is separated from the whey and then transferred into butter. Unlike conventional fresh butter produced from milk, the butterfat from whey butter is subjected to the preliminary process of cheese making. Whey butter is considered a high-end product as its production requires time and specific skills. The product is firm in texture, less shiny, and oilier than the regular butter. It also has a sharper, nutty, and cheesy flavor. In the manufacture of baking goods, the oiliness of whey butter allows for the production of softer crusts on bread and finer texture in confectionery delicacies. Foodcom S.A. also provides salted whey butter. 


Foodcom S.A. supplies lactic butter and whey butter in 25 kg blocks.  



Anhydrous Milk Fat 

Anhydrous milk fat (AMF) can be made from butter or 35%-45% cream depending on the season. The production process consists of removing almost all the water and non-fat solids with the use of centrifuges, allowing for easier storage as it contains less water. Anhydrous Milk Fat is used in the production of baked goods in order to obtain a more elastic texture, enhance the flavor, and add a golden color. It has a higher melting point than regular butter and is thus widely used in the production of pastries and the industrial lamination process. Foodcom S.A. supplies Anhydrous Milk Fat in 10kg or 25 kg blocks.

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