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Milk powders are commonly used as ingredients of animal feed due to their high nutritional value. They constitute a healthy energy source and contain variable amounts of protein, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Some products are also used as milk replacers for calves and piglets.


Depending on the animal group, milk powders supplementation ensures the proper functioning of the animal’s physical processes, improves the digestive system, increases the growth rate, enhances livestock performance, and lowers the mortality rate. The products are characterized by a high solubility rate and are therefore easy to incorporate into feed premixes. 

Whey is a by-product obtained in cheese production, offering a range of functionalities for the animal feed industry. Whey powders constitute a natural source of different nutrients with high levels of protein, lactose, and vitamins. Whey products are also used as a cost-efficient substitute for skim milk powder, especially in the production of milk replacers for calves, goats, and lambs.

Whey powders in animal feed are used for accelerating weight gain, increasing feed efficiency, enhancing vitamin and mineral absorption as well as improving fat and protein digestibility.

Whey powders are highly soluble and easy to incorporate into feed premixes.

Plant-derived products offer a natural and highly nutritious protein source for the manufacture of animal feed used for domestic and farm animals including calves, swine, poultry, aquaculture, and others. The most popular raw materials include soy, wheat, corn, and potato as well as pea, rice, sunflower, or hemp. Plant-based proteins offer a range of beneficial nutrients in variable amounts such as calcium, fiber, and iron as well as lysine, arginine, and methionine.


The products provide a nutritious energy source, enhance feed intake, and improve the proper functioning of the animal organism. Plant-based proteins are usually highly soluble and easily digestible. 


We can also offer such products as: DDGS, Corn Gluten Feed (18%), Feed oils

Amino acids serve as building blocks of the body because they enable the synthesis of the proteins which then create tissues and muscles as well as contribute to several essential bodily functions. Essential amino acids are obtained through the process of microbial fermentation and are commonly used as feed additives.

Supplying the animal diet with a beneficial amino acid profile can contribute to enhanced productivity, lesser feed costs, and improved health, thus increasing the overall business profitability. In the poultry diet, amino acids are responsible for decreased mortality rate and increased egg production, in swine nutrition, they allow the synthesis of creatine and support performance, and in the cow diet, they enhance milk production and lower nitrogen excretion.

Animal-origin meal is produced from animal by-products and wastes collected from slaughterhouses and processing facilities. The raw material originates from a range of animals such as poultry, fish, and cows slaughtered for human consumption. It includes blood, skin, carcasses, fat, or even feathers which are treated at high temperatures and ground into soluble meal.


Animal by-products offer a range of nutritional qualities and depending on the original material contain high levels of protein, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. They are used as highly digestible feed additives for enhanced protein intake, improved animal performance, and increased growth rate. 


We also provide:

- Poultry meal 65%, 68% and 70%,

- Feather meal,

- Salmon meal,

- Duck meal,

- Turkey meal, 

- Wild boar meal, 

- Salmon oil, 

- Beef graves meal, 

- Deer meal. 

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