Milk Powders

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Milk powders have many uses in manufactured dairy-based products, milk-derived foodstuff, and animal nutrition.

The production of milk powders usually includes milk pasteurization, evaporation of water, and spray drying in order to obtain the final product in the form of a loose, homogenous powder of high solubility rate. Such a form allows for extended shelf life and easy storage. Different milk powders may have similar chemical compositions but can differ in functional properties. 


Milk Powders:  SMP, FCMP, BMP, Lactose, Colostrum


Skimmed Milk Powder (also called Non-Fat Dry Milk) and Full Cream Milk Powder find their application in the manufacturing of baked goods, ice creams, chocolate mixes, ice creams, and sweets. An important use is also sport and infant foods. 

SMP, FCMP and Butter Milk Powder are also available in feed grade, especially used in animal nutrition due to high lactose and protein content and low level of calories. 


Lactose is a natural milk sugar applied in the food industry and animal nutrition segment. It allows for the fermentation in dairy-based products such as yogurts and kefirs and plays a crucial role in the browning and caramelization process in the baking industry. 


Colostrum milk powder is obtained from a foremilk produced by the female mammal shortly after parturition. Bovine colostrum powder can be added to sport and special nutrition but is also used in the manufacturing of animal food supplements due to its high protein content.


Permeates: Milk Permeate


Milk Permeate has high levels of lactose finding use in confectionery, desserts, beverages, bakery, ice creams, candy, chocolate but also as a popular ingredient of calf and pig feed, typically used as filler. It also shows water-retention, crystallization, and emulsification properties as well as sweetness elimination.


Proteins: Rennet Casein, Acid Casein, MPC


Rennet Casein and Acid Casein are obtained from skimmed milk through coagulation with rennet and hydrochloric acid respectively. Casein Milk Powder is characterized by high levels of proteins and finds its use in the manufacture of many dairy products. The product also accelerates the manufacturing process of melted and processed cheese due to rapid hydration and thermostability. Casein powder obtained by coagulation with the use of acid is also popular in cosmetic, paper, and paint manufacturing industries.


Milk Protein Concentrate (MPC) is a concentrated milk powder that most usually contains 80% milk protein for an excellent nutritional value. The ratio of high-protein and low-lactose makes this product commonly used in manufacturing low-carbohydrate foods and protein-fortified beverages. Milk Protein Concentrate can be used as a substitute for Whole Milk Powder or Skimmed Milk Powder while achieving the same protein levels. 


Fat-Filled Milk Powders: FFMP 


Fat-Filled Milk Powder is manufactured by blending vegetable fat and high-quality skimmed milk. It can be used as a total or only partial whole milk powder or full cream milk powder substitute thus reducing the price of the end-product. 


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