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Lactose is natural milk sugar. It makes up 3,5%-5,0% of cow’s milk and can be extracted by a filtration process with the use of centrifuges. The product goes through a series of washing steps in order to separate the lactose from the proteins, minerals, and debris. Then it is crystallized and crushed, and the final product is obtained in a pure form of a free-flowing fine powder of light yellow color. 



Lactose is a highly versatile ingredient and can be used in the manufacturing of pastry, confectionery, chocolates, baked goods, meat industry, and dietary nutrition. Lactose is also found in baby food in a variety of infant formulas. It enables the fermentation process in the production of yogurts, kefirs, and other beverages. 


It also plays an important role in the Maillard reaction in order to obtain caramel-like flavor in confectionery goods and the browning of the crust in bakery products. In the meat industry, lactose serves as a texture enhancer, emulsifier, and water-binding agent.


Lactose is also an important ingredient in pharmaceutical and nutritional use. 


Technical aspects

Lactose is one of the best dairy ingredients for food and feed applications due to its delicate taste, white color, and low content of calories. It has great taste- and flavor-enhancing properties. Lactose preserves its crystallized structure without over-sweetening the final product. Its cost-effectiveness, low hygroscopicity, and water solubility contribute to its popularity.


In the pharmaceutical industry, the carrying properties of lactose play a crucial role in the production of tablets. It is also used as an excipient and binder allowing for an even distribution of the active component within the tablets. 


Range of lactose offered by Foodcom

The sizes of the grain are divided by mesh. Foodcom can provide its Business Partners with different grain sizes suitable for multiple applications.


Foodcom supplies a wide range of lactose powders:

  • Lactose 40 mesh
  • Lactose 80-100 mesh,
  • Lactose 150-200 mesh,
  • Lactose 200 mesh


Physico-chemical analysis

pH – 4,5-7,0



Shelf life

The average shelf life of lactose is 24 months. The product should be stored in a dry environment at a maximum temperature of 30 °C.




As a dairy product supplier Foodcom provides lactose in 25 kg bags and in “big bags”.



Why choose Foodcom as a European Dairy Provider?

Foodcom can supply high-quality lactose can be certified for Kosher and Hala diets.


Our excellent service is confirmed by the BRC Agents & Brokers certificate.


Our great team of Sales Support will help our Traders conduct the contract and business deals in a smooth and efficient way to ensure the best quality service to all our Business Partners. Logistics team will take care of transportation and the financial department will be responsible for all matters connected with the financial part of the deal.

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