Brown Rice Protein Food

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In the production process, the brown rice grains are ground up and treated with an enzyme which allows isolating carbohydrates from the protein.
The final rice protein product is a clean, light beige powder of a distinct flavor.



The brown rice protein is a popular eco-friendly supplement in vegan and vegetarian diets for active lifestyle. As an easily digestible and hypoallergenic, it is also a good alternative for those with food intolerances. It is often combined with pea protein for the most optimal amino acid content.


Technical aspects

The major functional properties of this product are good gelation, good water solubility. Another feature is its nutritional benefits: a very high protein content and a good amino acid content.


Physico-chemical analysis

Moisture max 10%

Protein min 80%

Ash max 10%

Fat max 7%

Fibre max 10%


Shelf life

Brown Rice Protein should be stored in cool (20 °C max), dry (60% RH max) conditions, off ground, away from chemicals and odorous materials. The shelf life is 24 months after date of production, in closed packaging.



The product is packed in a 20 kg neutral paper bag.


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