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potato protein
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Potato protein feed grade is obtained through cleaning, steaming, and peeling the potatoes. Later, the starch is extracted with the use of water, resulting in a protein-filled slurry, which is treated with acid and then dried and processed into powder. 


Potato protein is a fine, loose powder of grey, or light grey or yellowish-greenish color and a typical dried potato smell. 


The raw material for the production process of Potato Protein is starch potatoes of Polish origin.



Potato starch feed grade is mainly used as an animal nutrition additive in products such as feed for young animals, piglets, cows, poultry, and pet food. 


Technical aspects 

Potato protein is characterized by high digestibility of around 85%, high nutritional value, and a beneficial profile of amino acids, notably lysine and methionine. Due to its nutritional value, potato protein is compared to other sources of animal origins such as fish meal and milk powder. 


Depending on the starch extraction method, the product can be fully hypoallergenic. 


Physico-chemical analysis

Protein content – 70-80%

Ash – max. 4.5%


Shelf life

Potato protein has to be stored in a dry, well-ventilated environment. The shelf life of the product is 18 months. 



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